"Akademika" is an electronic collection of Macedonian regulations in force, edited by the legal experts cooperating with AKADEMIK, your favorite publisher of legal literature.

The collection contains more than 3000 Macedonian laws in force, given as consolidated texts. In addition to the consolidated text, the users of "Akademika" can browse through the original text of the law, each amendment, corrigendum, and decision of the Constitutional Court, individually and chronologically sorted, that affects the law. The laws are accompanied by the authentic interpretations and the full texts of the by-laws and individual acts related to or adopted on the basis of the respective law. Moreover, each law is linked to the relevant court cases – decisions of the regular courts in Macedonia adopted based on a specific law.

Our legal experts in the client support center update the laws on a daily basis and provide working hours support for our clients. Furthermore, this center offers you the laws, as consolidated or original texts, in the Albanian language and more than 200 laws translated in English, also as consolidated or original texts.

In addition to the laws in force, you can also find on “Akademika” their predecessors – laws that are no longer in force, as consolidated or original texts, provided that the laws had no amendments, in the Macedonian language, that are of high importance for the legal practitioners and researchers in every area of the law.

This computer program is technologically the most sophisticated product in the region, enabling search through the documents by name, year of adoption, or number of the official journal they have been published in, and enabling the users fast and smart search by keywords or classification, tailor-made by our expert team.

After completing the simple registration process, "Akademika" gives the users possibility to obtain reliable and comprehensive information by fast and straightforward access to the requested regulation given as a consolidated text, while the easy navigation leads you to the original text and its amendments. The daily inputting of the changes in the regulations makes the users to be professionally, comprehensively and correctly informed about the validity of the regulations which are necessary for their work, therefore turning the quality legal research into less time-consuming and more cost-effective endavour.